Achieving your best you

It is true that inner harmony, consciousness and balance lay at the heart of happiness. In finding wisdom within ourselves we are able to nurture our true being, our internal reservoir of peace.

So we must look within, gain an enriched understanding of ourselves in order to achieve our own sense of harmony.

You might have heard of Aura-Soma®, a holistic wellness tool that puts you back at the centre of your wellbeing. Harnessing the vibrational powers of Mother Nature, Aura-Soma is a system of colour, plant and crystal energies that enhance happiness and vitality. With a range of initiatives and products lovingly created to inspire you on your path to inner harmony, Aura-Soma can easily be integrated into your wellness routine and lifestyle.


Colour is an unspoken part of our perception, quite often we don’t have the language to describe emotions – instead we turn to colour. Colour is a universal language that has the power to both transmit qualities of consciousness and to alter states of being. It’s the colours we are drawn to that show us not only who we are, but also reveal our greater potential to wholeness and wellbeing. This is why colour is at the heart of everything Aura-Soma do.

The Equilibrium range, with their vibrant colours and enchanting energies are a holistic tool to discover the truth within yourself. Plant and crystal energies combined with colour mean every bottle means something different to each person. Energetically engaging with the bottles, applying Equilibrium to your body, leads to deeper self-understanding.


Equilibrium in its purest sense means balance. In the delicate weighing scales of life we always strive for stability, finding a way in which to gain wholehearted tranquillity of the soul.

Aura-Soma’s vibrant collection of Equilibrium bottles have been carefully formulated with this in mind. Activated when applied to the body, vibrational energy can be accessed through the ingredients in each Equilibrium bottle. The alchemy is in your hands, the unique energy in each Equilibrium bottle is unlocked when it touches your skin.

Discover more about yourself, through an Aura-Soma consultation

Meet one on one with a qualified AuraSoma Practitioner for a private consultation. You will choose your Equilibrium bottles, review your chosen colours and explore their meanings in the context and depth of your own journey to discover which of our products are best suited to help build and maintain happiness and vitality in your every day.

Become everything you are. Be drawn to the colours you need. Trust your intuition. For those looking to be empowered, eased and elevate themselves for total wholeness and wellbeing book your consultation to experience Aura-Soma.

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Aura ‑Soma Pomanders are used to cleanse and refresh the energetic system. Their vibrational qualities act to re‑energise, strengthen and protect the aura, empowering you and elevating your consciousness.

The human energy field can become depleted from day to day life and Pomanders serve to restore balance. In addition these precious infusions can be effectively used as a means to focus intent in your everyday.

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The Quintessences facilitate the eternal flow of positive energy, enabling empowerment and greater access to what and who you are ‑ to be present. They can be used to support mindfulness practices such as meditation and contemplation.

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